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Blue Crew Tailgating Lot Diagram

Handlebar Indy

Traveling Blue Crew Social

Enjoy a game day Blue Crew social with our tailgating friends as we travel the streets of downtown Indy for 1 hour and explore game day festivities.  HandleBar tours start and end at the Blue Crew Tailgate lot.  Book today via Traveling Blue Crew tab link at the top of this page.

On Colts game days, you’ll find parking lots around Lucas Oil Stadium full of tailgaters, many of whom belong to the Blue Crew fan club. “I remember when the Blue Crew was six people and a beat-up old camper,” said Cahn, who will be in Indianapolis for the 2012 Super Bowl. “Now it’s one of the great tailgating clubs of the country.” Joe Cahn

Commissioner of Tailgating

Blue Crew Parking Lot
Lucas Oil Stadium